OOSignal : an OOTech Inc. brand

Design, Manage, Test & Share Communication Protocols

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OOSignal Platform

A SaaS (Software As A Service) platform with intuitive developer tools for working with communication protocols & specifications. Firmware & software architects can effortlessly design Bluetooth or web socket binary protocols used to communicate between hardware (IoT, smart home, web servers) and apps (mobile, desktop). OOSignal makes it easy to manage a catalog of versioned protocol definitions & documentation for a tech company’s entire hardware product line. Firmware and software engineers can export protocols definitions in JSON format or use our language specific SDKs when writing or testing firmware and software code. When a protocol version has been approved for release, product managers can effortlessly share them with other internal departments (legal, regulatory approval etc.) or open source the protocol definitions to allow 3rd party developers to create hardware, firmware or software that can communicate with their product. The OOSignal platform aims to provide a standard for how communication protocols & specifications are designed, managed, tested and shared.

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